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Stranger in a Strange Land

The book “Stranger in a Strange Land” by Robert A. Heinlein is about a martian named Valentine Michael Smith who was born by normal human parents but unlike any other child he was born enroute to Mars. He had many oddities and hardships with many more to come. This book isn’t just about science it’s about family and its a strange retelling of the birth, life and death of Jesus Christ

Valentine Michael Smith was born on the “envoy” due to a very odd love triangle. Before the “envoy team tried to land on mars they called mission control but was never to be heard from again. The “envoy crew died but one remained... Valentine Michael Smith, the man from mars. His parents were: Captain Michael Brant, commanding pilot, astrogator, relief cook, relief photographer, rocketry engineer Doctor Mary Lyle Smith, atomics engineer, electronics and power technician ( married to and cheating on Doctor Ward Smith, physician, surgeon, biologist) A quarter of a century later the “Champion” which is a space ship that took the challenging trip to Mars and there picked up a passenger, Valentine Michael Smith

Valentine Michael Smith returned to Earth but was in critical condition. After awhile of being held in his hospital room like a prisoner room a female nurse named Jill who wasn’t meant to be in there ( they kept females out only males were allowed to tend to and visit him) went to see him because she heard he had never seen a woman before. He asked for water, took a sip, then gave it to her told her to take a sip, she did so they became water sharing brothers. She left and didn’t return for a week or two, while Mike just waited for her return. Then the federation had a fake man from mars do an interview, jill catches that it was fake and tells her friend Ben. The next day Ben goes to the hospital with a fair witness and a lawyer, and demands to see the man from mars, the man he saw was a fake but he didnt realize he was fake until after he got kicked out of the fake man from mars’ room. He dropped all of his companions off and tries to call the palace (federation head quarters) but his call is traced and gas filled the cab knocking him out while it auto-locked and took him away to an unknown location. Jill goes into Mikes new room without knowing it, the same day as Ben saw the fake man from mars, she tells him she will be back later, later that day she breaks mike out of the hospital, so they are now fugitives on the run. She took him to Ben’s apartment and bathed him after that all hell broke loose. Two cops come in and one hits Jill and Mike makes him disappear then the second cop points his gun at her and Mike makes him disappear, Jill screams and Mike goes into his deepest withdraw.

She takes Mike to Jubal Harshaw’s house because thats were Ben was going tot take him and he trusts him. Jubal lets them in but Mike is still in withdraw so he thinks mikes dead but Jill gets him back. Jubal tells jill she can stay as long as she likes with Mike but he will not help her get him rights like she had hoped, but after they stayed for a little he overturned his original thought and told her he’d help her get Mike his rights. After a week of Jill and Mike living at Jubal Harshaw’s home Ben has still not shown up which makes Jill want to leave and go find him immediately, Jubal discourages her action since the federation is probably behind it all and thats what they would want her to do. She told him how Mike made the two cops go away so he had Mike make things levitate and disappear the 4 girls were there and Anne as fair witness, A few minutes later it was not fun and games at Jubals house anymore. The federation cops were coming to arrest and search the whole house; Jubal told Mike to stay at the bottom of the pool until Jill came to get him but, as usual Mike got into his antics, this time out of body antics. He got out of his body and made two troop movers disappear and all the men that were in them then, went back into his body and when Jill came for him got out of the pool. They didn’t have to ask him if he was behind all the antics they just knew. As they run inside they go to the study to hide but Jubal calls Attorney General Douglas and they start striking up a deal; just as the federation troopers show up, Douglas and Harshaw reach a deal to have Mike come to the palace with Jubal and have a meeting. The troopers break in to his home and kick down the study door pointing a machine gun at them all. Douglas learns the story of the arrests about to be made and instead of having Harshaw arrested, Douglas yells at the cops and makes them come back to the palace without an arrest, but Jubal takes a huge risk in bargaining after the deal for the life and safety of Ben, telling Douglas they will not come to the palace without Ben at their side, Douglas is skeptical but agrees. As a growing closer of water brothers all the girls kiss Mike. They hold a pool party and let reporters come, they tell them don’t ask Mike anything or they will be thrown in the pool. That night many were thrown into the pool, one report got thrown in 6 or 8 times before Harshaw killed the party Ben arrives by a federation aircraft just after the party has broken down, drugged and drunk.

The meeting was meant to be held the following morning but after further conversation between Douglas and Harshaw they agree to let Ben settle in and catch up on news so the meeting will be held a few days later. When they get to the palace they cause a lot of disruptions and instead of only Ben, Jubal, and Mike showing they all came and caused some more annoyances. They changed all the seating, demanded that a Martian flag be hung and the mars section in some orchestra be played or they would leave everything they wanted was granted. The reporters were not allowed to stay in the room, but they were allowed to set up cameras and recorders. The meeting was on the stereo tank worldwide, Mike asked Douglas if he would take care of his financials since he is very rich due to his parents sucsses, Douglas agrees to do so. Then senator Boone invites Mike to a fosterite service but Jubal puts it off for two weeks before senator Boone forces him to come so they attend. After the service Arch-bishop Digby gets Mike alone in a room. Mike comes out awhile later looking very shaken up. When they all got home he didnt jump in the pool like the others did he went straight to his room and withdrew. He came out and everyone had gone to bed but he ran into a water brother and they went out and dined by the pool then started kissing. The next day Mike says hes is ready to leave home but is taking Jill with him Jubal is sad but understands. They worked in a restaurant for a week but didnt stay anywhere long after a while he becomes a magician for a traveling carnival and she is his assistant. He gets let go but there friend Pat (every inch of her body is covered in tattoos) tells them she will swing by their hotel room once her act is over. Mike and Jill take a bath together as a growing closer ritual they always do, then Pat shows up. After they talk for a while and she tries to get them to see the light (shes a fosterite) Mike tells her he is the man from Mars, then they all share water to all become one an others water sharing brother. Then Mike levitates her into the bed and they use sex as a growing closer among water brothers. When Jill wakes up Pat and Mike are talking and are about to eat so she joins them, then just as Pat is leaving she gives them the holy fosterite bible that foster himself gave her. Just before Mike and Jill leave town he asks her how he can become an ordained minister. Mike gets run out of a seminary very quickly then he joined the army and made it three weeks before he got discharged, finally he founded the Church of all Worlds Incorporated. When Jubal hears this he is not happy for two reasons; A- His step-son is now a minister out of all the things he could have been B: Mike put all these high degrees in front of and behind his name.

Ben goes to visit them, and the first thing he saw when he got to the nest was a naked tattooed lady with a huge snake... Smart. (the lady was Pat) She took him down to a service were Mike and Jill were teaching. After she took him back up to the nest so Jill could visit with him. Jill and her close friend Dawn sit down and have dinner with Ben. After dinner Jill goes back down to teach another service and Dawn goes into his bed room for a growing closer ceremony, a type which the catholic church would call sin. The next day he gets to visit with Mike who does something that Ben was not expecting, he took all of the clothes off of everybody in the room without lifting a finger, Ben freaked out ran grabbed his clothes and headed for Jubal’s house. Jubal tells him to go back and he does without any complaints and all they hear out of Ben are happy positive things. A few weeks to months later somebody blew up the Church of All Worlds Inc. Mike has been arrested and Jubal decides this is a time for action, he decides that he is going to go visit them down in Saint Petersburg, Florida, he tells the two remaining girls and Larry to get the defenses up and also to not hesitate to shoot because he thinks the person who blew up Mike’s church has figured out the paper trail of communication between Mike’s church and his household. Jubal goes to Mike’s church Larry, Anne, and Dorcas show up even tho they were told to stay in the Pennsylvania. After Mike breaks out of jail he goes into withdraw, after he resurfaced he went to talk to Jubal who reassures Mike, he is fit for what he started and is not leading them astray, he tells them all waiting is over, and goes to talk to the angry mob outside, after being shot, hit, beat, and lit on fire he falls to the ground tells a grass hopper “thou art god” then discorporates. Jubal freaks out and tries to commit suicide but, does what Mike would want him to do, and goes and eats him with Duke.

There are many things in the book “Stranger in a Strange Land” that touched me in a special way. I hope they touch you the same way.

When Valentine Michael Smith wanted to understand something he had to grok the concept. To “grok” something means that you understand it and it understands you deeply. Groking is a two way street, and it goes way deeper than just understanding a subject, it means you master it and it masters you. If Mike didn’t grok a concept he couldn’t share it with his “water sharing brothers” Valentine Michael Smith had something that was deeper than family, he had water sharing brothers. To be a water sharing brother means that you are deeper than family with that person and you are forever entangled with that person. When you share the water, part of the water stays with you and the water takes part of you along with it. It also means that no matter how far away you are from that person or how long its been since you last saw them that you can tell how they are doing and also you are emotionally connected to that person. Valentine Michael Smith always said “Thou art God” then if somebody asked him what he meant he would say “I am God, you are God, everything that is living and that groks is God” which pretty much lines up with what I now believe. We are all God in some shape and way, we all have the power to do and not do and we also have free will. So therefore Mike is on point that thou art God, because truly we are all God. We just have to choose whether we are ready or not. If you are ready all you have to do is free your mind of all worry and re think the situation your in to see that you can master this, so I am God, you are God, everything that is living and that groks is God. There is no martian word for hurry. What does this mean? Well it means that martians never have the human urge to rush. They take their time on everything they do, so they understand the concept; I wish humans were more like martians. If we all slowed down a little bit and stopped being in a hurry to destroy the earth this world would be a perfect one. No matter what the danger, one of the underlying themes of this book was help the people you call family in a time of need. I wish that I had more of this in me at times and sometimes I wish it was the opposite so I guess I need to take a page from Mikes book and get on the stick here. As I see it the world aint right but there will always be the people you care about, and in this case Jubal cared for Mike like a son, he didn’t have to but he chose to which goes back to my point of Thou art God. He had the free will not to take Mike and Jill in but he saddled up and chose to which proves there are good people in this world, and which proves my Thou art God theory, so case in point thou art God. Mike can’t grok jealousy. He just simply cannot grok the concept. I wish humans couldn’t grok jealousy, because we as a species would be better off, a lot better off. At first when Mike heard of jealousy he wanted to share in its fullness with his water brothers but after trying and failing to grok it himself he was told it was a bad thing so he stopped trying to grok it. This also ties in with my thou art God argument. Jealous humans leads to corrupt humans. When you become jealous you are making the choice to become jealous, but what you don’t see is that you can make the choice to not become jealous but you are using your free will for evil and hate. It sounds like the world should be balanced like the yin and the yang but since jealousy is contagious and spreads like wild fire so its more like the yin of the yin yang eats the yang and the whole world gets engulfed in jealousy. If your looking to “kill” somebody go ahead and try but its not going to work, all your going to do is take him out of the game of life so he can try again. Mike took people out of the game of life using a hatchet. He would go around at night and hatchet the corrupt people. Even though he could make people disappear easily he took a strange personal satisfaction in hatcheting people who deserved it. After Mike talked to Jubal , asking him if he was fit for what he started and asking him if he was leading his followers astray, and Jubal reassured him he wasn’t Mike said “waiting is over.” Waiting is what they did when they were trying to understand a concept but couldn’t grok it at that point, so they waited until they figured it out. Stranger in a Strange Land is a strange retelling of the birth, life, and death of Jesus Christ. Even the title of the book comes from the bible, Exodus 2:22. they both had very unique life and death experiences, and they both left religions behind in their wake. They each had a very unique births, Jesus well everybody knows about the story of jesus’ birth, christian or not so lets look at Mike’s, birth, he was born on route to Mars which is very unusual. Mikes birth was a result of a love triangle that got slaughtered. Like Jesus Mike was born half human but unlike Jesus he was half martian instead of half god. Both Mike and Jesus got taken in by men who were not their actual fathers. another similarity is that both Jubal and Joesph didnt want to take Mike/Jesus in because they were afraid of the bad things that could and probably would happen to them. Joesph didnt have many bad things most of them go untold, but jubal was Mr. Bad Luck. After they both took them in they helped them learn and become better loving people so the upside is better than the down side. So Jubal is the joesph of Stranger in a Strange Land. In the end both Mike and Jubal got disciples or followers, who would rather die themselves than watch them get hurt. Mike taught them the truth so that one day they might go out and teach it to others just like Jesus did with his discples. Mike didnt care how many followers he had all he cared about was, if they cared about putting the effort to make it to the nest. Jesus is the same way all he cared about was if the people who did follow him saw the light of his words and his father, God. Both Mike and Jesus were wrongly persicuted and ended up dying for it. the reasons they were persacuted were becasue they said we are god and that was not excepted so they were called blasfemurs. They were hated by high officials of their time due to the fact that they were trying to empower everybody without power. I wish somebody now in this time could because we would all be better off. Both Jesus and Mike were wise they never rushed into anything. neither did Jesus they were both to layed back dude. which was the key to the sucsses long after they had gone. Both Jesus and Mike left Earth and let their followers build more churches and teach the truth. This is what Jesus did and look how it worked out for him, great! Mike didnt do it for publicity he did it because he quarter had been spent on the merry-go round of life and it was a sweet time to go. It does not say if his church succeded but it is an actual church so i guess it did. Mike became a martyr for something he loved, his religion. Jesus was a martyr to because he died for christianity so his followers would go on. Which is what Mike did. Both the Roman Catholic church and the Church of All Worlds Inc. have books of study and worship. The catholics have the bible while not written by Jesus he is in it and its about him and his father God. The Church of All Worlds Inc. was making a martian dictionary which would be used in worship due to the fact that Mikes church was about teaching people the martian way and that also means learning the martian language. The people of the nest from Mike’s church wrote the dictionary a different way than the bible was written, they would go into a trance and Mike would speak the wordsinto their minds and then they would go to recorders and speak what they just heard, while the bible was passed down through oral tradition then a few centuries later somebody decided to write it all down. Both Mike and Jesus got arrested while they were both nearing the end of their ride on the merry-go round of life. Jesus got arrested for being a blastfemur, turning over the money tables at the snyagog, and well, for being Jesus. Mike was arrested for statueatry rape and being a blasfemur. The only difference was Mike abused athuroty by letting out all the mass muuderers and frankley anybody in jail using his mind then he broke out himself to rejoin the nest, after Jesus was arrested he did not break out. Both Jesus and Mike had to explain and talk to high leaders of the government. Jesus had to talk to the high priests and Mike had to talk to Atourney General Douglas. Mikes talk with government went just a little better than jesus’ They both chose when to die. Both Jesus and Mike had public endings that were torturous. Mike was shot, beat, and almost lit on fire, and Jesus carried a cross to his death site then was crusified. They both were killed because they disrespected athuority while trying to help people. Which is really quite crappy. In conclusion this book is a strange retelling of the story of jesus’ birth, life, and death. It also teaches whoever reads it that savor what you have at the moment, you might not have much but as long as you surround yourself with good people you will always get through your hard times, dented but not broken.

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