You've come to the right place to book live music, to me ALL music IS live

Hey if you dug the clips above, here are the full length versions of the songs

i'm FreeWill, a college "political scientist" out to save the Earth through love, music & science. But the Earth is a big place, and we're screwing her up royally. I need a LOT of help if we're gonna get out of this one alive! If you can set me up to rock & save the Earth, i promise i'll help you sell a bunch of liquor. Or kind veggie burritos. Or whatever fills your twinkie.

& the styles of music you heard above are only a tiny slice of my sound. The only style i havent found joy playing is Klezmer. (But im kind of feeling it lately, so - rock & roll bar mitzvahs anyone?)

And yes, i did just turn 14. But the "dim lights, thick smoke, & loud, loud music" of a good old rowdy bar already feels like home. (Why are the miscreants the most fun to hang with? My grandma doesnt approve, so lets not tell her, ok?)

i look like something like this, but less stupid looking. My dad looks like that, except his bald spot is funny.

Hit me up at to talk about how i can help you rock your business goals

A FreeWill Production