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Last night we played on the radio yet again, and played a really fun set of four songs. My grandma decided to tune into the show, from wekiva. While we were playing every 30 seconds she would hear voices talking about Jesus and going to heaven. She thought it was a bit I had worked out with the guys from the show. As she's telling me this we happened to have on the the guys in our car and he told us that there is a christian radio station out in Melbourne that shares the same frequencies as WPRK. Well due to the Hurricane and Disturbances in the frequencies their signal was interfering with mine and knocking me off the air in Wekiva. So I was being interupted by "Jesus FM" (Thats just what I call it) When I told my grandma whathad happened she wouldn't believe me for a second! Now we laugh about it but it was one of the weirdest things.

Today my dad sent me in to buy a lighter to get ready for the hurricane, and apparently you must have an id to buy one in florida. So you can buy an assult rifle over the internet yet you can get a lighter if you 14.... *Facepalms* oh Florida. My civics class this semester is to get into Valencia's dual enrollment program without doing anything extra legal, such as providing transcripts and a GPA. The FLorida Satues clearly state that home education students dont have to provide a trascript to beaccepted yet Valencia is demanding one. I went down to the courthouse today to file a declaratory judgement, and there is still some confusion on how to file it.

Last night I got bto play on the radio once again. I redid "The Tides They Are A CHangin'" and I played a new one "Turtles All The Way Down." Also with my dad I played two songs and killed leads on them. I found the true voice of my singing and my guitar in the days leading up tolast night which made it even more special. I also found out being prepared is way better than having your hair on fire. Ive learned doing the work isnt a bad thing and makes the event even more special. The vidoes will be up in a few days!

Ive learned that you grow as much as you put in. Last night I got to go on WPRK and play a tribute to the late prince. I played "Purple Rain" with Prince, and my dad. Thank god for technology and my new Bose sound system. Ill be posting the video later but man was that fun and I hope yall can see it in the video. Glad I got to go back on the radio.

I just had a birthday and I got an L.R. Baggs internal mic for my Martin D16 I also got a mini soundboard and a new spearker. Ive been playing with all of it and dang it sounds amazing. Ive also had fun learning how to use a looper over the last couple of days. For those of you who dont know what a looper is, its a machine that allows you to record parts of the song you're playing and thne you play the recording back and you play a different part of the song. I love learning new things about my guitar and its different moods. If anybody is looking to buy a looper I personally love the Ditto looper.

Had a great morning the birds were singing and I got to start out my day with guitar. My dad has been killing me in technique for about 3 weeks and I finally got over my fears and learned the song hes been playing called "The Messanger" - by Ray Wylie Hubbard and its about our fears and how they lead to our most secret treasures. Now I'm back in the lead and you'll never catch me alive dad. I transered all my learnings to songs i already knew to add a killer punch. will be recording them soon.

I'm sorry I haven't blogged latley I've been super busy with school and music. This week I had band mate and world class musician over and we recorded some amazing music, you can check it out in the music tab! I've started playing more current songs to go along with my old dreadful rock and country songs. Latley I've learned "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley (no not Charles Barkley the round mound of profound) and "wake me up" by Avicii. So Mark and I decided to turn those into Chicago blues songs instead of pop and EDM songs. He also brough his 7 year old son down and (in a James Brown from a seven year olds voice) "good god" that kid could rock he was like our mini Mick Jagger. All in all it was an amazing time that I still can't belive happened.

Hey would yall like to hear my practice sessions if so email me at

Oh my god during the radio show my dad was relentlessly trying to screw me up and be a class clown, but I wouldn't let him screw me up. After we stayed up till 2 A.M and picked until I became a weenie and went to sleep. Mark and my dad tried to pull a banjo assult on me but I selpt through it, I might be the first person in history to do that. Haha take that. I couldnt't believe when Johnny said my version of Comfortably Numb was nothing short of facsinating it was such an honor. My other favorite moment was when Mark, my dad, and I created a new style of m,usic "death reggae"

Holy crap we just had Mark Schimick over and he and i recorded the best music ive ever played. It was funny how it seemed we could never get into a song without somebody laughing. He taught me some new chords and riffs and I used them to inhance the music. That was fun.

Last night I went and played my first bar gig and what a hoot it was. Our friend joseph was there and he ask us up on stage. We played for probably an hour, we figured out that this group like rowdy music. after a while this man comes up and says keeps it up and gives me a 50 dollar bill, yes a 50. We kept on playing and people really enjoyed it. One of the guys who plays with the big named orlando acts was really cool & was grate to set this up & help and teach me. We figured out our first album should be named Wreckin Shit.

It was chilly when we went to go play in the park. We didnt go to our usual spot because it looked very cold there and there was some lady with a keyboard and i didnt want to be anywhere near that trainwreck. So we went to the rose garden figuring hey these flowers ar going to need sun and there are benches over here so itll be warmer. Boy were we wrong, there were no benches in the sun but we stayed and a squirel came 1 foot from me and was listening. Then the squirrel ran up the tree and yelled something out and next thing you know all his squirrel friends start throwing crap at us so we left for our usual spot after being hit for 5 minutes. we started playing for like 25, 30 people and keyboard lady hated this, she kept on trying to sing over us but got worse and worse as she got louder so she shot herself in the foot. We leaned into You can have the crown and people came from everywhere and pulled out there phones taking video of us and pictures. The lady left and as she did she stared an evil look at me. we made a lot of people happy and they checked out my website.

Saturday we went and played along Park Avenue in winter park, same spot, the fountain. This was the first time 3 people or less didnt try to crash us. We sat down and played from 11 to 1, (next time we should go after noon because the noon bell was the most god awful thing sent from hell just to annoy everybody in earshot) just playing what we play best dreadful songs. People were really enjoying it. They looked at us like dont you people know any happy songs and we just smiled and played on they eventually started getting used to it and dancing some. There were always people listening, some were stayed the whole time, some sat down while they waited then got up and left, while others just passed by but enjoyed the few seconds they heard. There were some people on the bench off the left and back that were there probably 15 to 20 minutes. As they were walking away one of their party came up and said he didnt have any money but gave us a card for a free chick fil a sandwhich and as usually we didnt have our cases up we werent asking for anything. That was my first tip as a musician. 15 to 20 minutes later, I notice a group of 6 kids my age out near the edge of the walkway leading to the fountain. I observe them for not more than 2 minutes before i see 2 of the girls walking towards me. The rest of the group starts coming towards me too. They all are standing in front of me one of the girls hands me a dollar, I thanked her telling her it was my first money tip but had already gotten a coupon for a free chick fil a sandwich. then one of the other girls handed me 5 dollars. I smiled and the group was talking and i told them my website and they found it. we left like 30 minutes later to get food then came back 1 hour later. We spent 2 more hours and got no more tips but I rather make people smile than make people feel like they have to give me money. One brother and sister my age kept trying drag their family over but their parents moved them along they kept on trying and looking back at me and smiling.

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